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MORE THAN JUST MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT We specialize in mobile app development and game development. We can also implement these solutions using technology like virtual reality and augmented reality. We have helped SME brands and government agencies like the HMDA, Higher Education Departments. Our work has been featured on News Channels, so you know you’re in great hands. Smart apps networks provides a comprehensive suite of services, spanning – app development, game development, augmented reality development technology. But we don’t just do development work. We provide additional value by discussing your business objectives, roll out strategy and app marketing plans as well. Our clients appreciate that we focus on building not just apps, but apps that everybody will want to use and get to use. We are marketers first, developers second. And that is what differentiates us from the rest.


Mobile apps are essential marketing tools for all kinds of businesses. Smart apps networks with our clients on mobile app development blue prints, prototypes, development and marketing.


Mobile games are a great way to engage and entertain your customers and build a positive brand image. Smart apps networks builds awesome games that have been featured in app stores and news.


Smart apps networks experienced team of programmers develops for the iOS (iPhone operating system) using native programming languages like Objective-C and C on the Xcode platform.


Developing with Swag Soft means that you also get our expertise in developing for the Android OS, which constitutes the other half of the mobile user market.


Augmented reality (AR) engages people like no other medium can. It is fun, immersive and fascinating. Use AR to mesmerize customers, convert browsers to buyers or lure customers to your store.


Front-end is the part where users can interact with. Yet the back-end is where all the hard work is done. Smart apps networks can help you develop and maintain robust back-end systems to share information between your website and mobile app, create a database and more.


Mobile app development is only part of the story. If you don’t know how to market your app afterwards, the development effort is wasted. Smart apps networks helps give our clients ideas on how to reach out to their target demography using tried and tested marketing methods.


Analytics study allows you to figure out how popular your app is, how users are interacting with it, what people like and hate about it and more. Smart apps networks implements analytical tools for our clients’ apps and guide them on figuring out these complex issues.

WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH Smart apps networks

We Are Creative, Talented, Responsive and Reliable Smart apps networks has a team of talented and dedicated developers and designers. Our Project Director is extremely hands-on and provides prompt and unbiased feedback on any questions our clients may raise. Our team works hand-in-hand with him and our Chief Technology Officer to develop and deliver only the most well-crafted apps. We pride ourselves on delivering with integrity, honesty and commitment. Do check out our Customer Testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

Most app developers are just developers. Give them a project specification and they will build it. But talk to them about engagement and marketing and chances are a very superficial conversation will ensue. For Smart apps networks, we believe that it is extremely important to build an app by first understanding who you are building the app for, why they are using your app, and how you would give them what they are looking for within your app. We think about how users would use your app and suggest ways to engage, reward and retain them. Finally, we will advise you on ways to pull potential users to your app and grow your user base organically.

We Design and Develop Mobile Games

Very few mobile app development companies develop games as a service. The reason they don’t? They can’t. Game development is a very different beast from normal app development and most companies just don’t come equipped with the talents to take on such projects.In fact, we have worked with a few app developers who outsourced their game development projects to us! We can’t tell you who they are, but what we can tell you is that their poor clients ended up paying a lot more just for the middleman service. Games that we have worked on consistently got featured and also hit the top positions of the app store categories they were featured in.

We Give Back

We believe in giving back to society, either by going on charity missions or conducting career / creativity talks in schools, orphanages to inspire the young. So take comfort in knowing that some of the money you spend with us are deployed to good use.

We Love Startups

We love startups and we love helping entrepreneurs build their dream apps. For this reason, we have designed the innovative Smart apps networks Proto Program to help them launch their million dollar app idea. Smart apps networks is one of the few app developer in India to launch such an initiative.